Love Yourself for a Beautiful Life


Everyone has a story. Everyone has the ebbs and flows of ups and downs. Like many people, I’ve had a rock bottom. For those who haven’t, I pray you can discover yourself properly without one.

The power of a rock bottom is that you get to start, completely and beautifully, from scratch. A rock bottom is a forced restart of your life, and a chance to rebuild with a painfully acquired wisdom.

The power of a rock bottom, is that there is no risk in starting your life anew – or starting a new adventure – because there is nothing left for you to lose.

My story involves a painfully toxic relationship in which my partner would dredge the deepest darkest insecurities I possessed from the depths of my mind, heart, and soul and use them to drop me down a few pegs if I started to do too well at work, or disagreed with him, or the worst scenario, he felt insecure about himself. I continued to drop down and drop down for years until I didn’t want to be alive.

My strength came from learning to love myself. Don’t be fooled, this process has taken years to become proficient at, but now, free from that toxicity, and strengthened by strong, deep roots of love and self-respect, I can live life freely.

I can laugh without abandon, I can speak my mind without retribution, and I can do the things that make me happy. I understand what makes me tick. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I can be proud of myself when I do something well, and just as easily, if I make a mistake or a bad decision, I can be kind and gentle with my own soul, knowing that life is fluid and I’ve gained wisdom from the experience.

I can trust my judgement and I can distinguish those people that are a positive influence in my life and a negative one. Not only can I be gentle with myself, but like a mama with her cub, I can be strong in protecting and defending myself. A mama doesn’t let anyone hurt the ones she loves, nor do I.

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever learned in life is that not everyone is good, not everyone will be kind, and most importantly, not everyone speaks the truth.

I could never have created the life I have now without learning to love myself. I would never have been strong or brave enough to take the risks or make the bold decisions to get where I am.

In this new blog, I hope to explore a wide range of topics to include how to develop self-love, how to cope with toxicity in your life, how to live beautifully, and how to be an aspiring modern-day amazon badass.

Our strength lies in how we empower each other.

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