Pictures of God’s Goodness

The Dream

God created me to be a dreamer. I dream most nights.

Last night I had a dream that was such a special gift, I wanted to share it.

In my dream, I was rehearsing stories from the Bible in my mind. I saw flashes of the people throughout Scripture. I saw Abraham sacrificing Issac, and Mary wiping the feet of Jesus with her hair, and many more. When I looked down, the pictures in my mind became Polaroid pictures on a table. I reached out my hand to sort the pictures, but when I touched them they turned to sand. As I touched them more and more, the brown sand started to turn to the color white. Soon, the white eclipsed the brown.

Dream from April 6, 2020

As kids, we learn that when we mix paints, we can form new colors. Blue and yellow make green. Blue and red make purple. Anything mixed with white was always a lighter shade of the original. To my knowledge, the only mixture that produces white is more white. Any other color will tint the white paint.

So in this dream, I saw brown mixing and becoming white. That can’t happen in our natural world. It takes supernatural grace to turn something from brown to white. And not just the color brown, but brown SAND was turning to the color white.

I was able to travel to Israel in March 2020. I got to see the routes that the Hebrews took in the Bible stories. Just as in most places, there is a lot of sand and dirt.

The pictures in my dream showed the sand of the terrain, and the dirt on the hands of the people of the Bible.

God doesn’t pick perfect people to carry out His will. The Old Testament has murder, adultery, incest, deceit, idolatry, and more. The only perfect man in the Bible was Jesus. Yet, God was (and is) still able to carry out His purpose through them. Even though they were sinful, He was able to produce good through them.

In my dream, as I touched the pictures of Bible stories, I saw the sand turn to white. I saw the light of God. I saw the goodness of God. I saw the power of God’s grace to turn dirty sinners into sons and daughters.

There are tons of different stories in the Bible, but they all have one thing in common: God’s light & goodness. The more we touch them, the more God’s character is revealed to us.

Instead of getting dirty when we touch the sand, we are cleansed.

I encourage everyone to dive into the stories of the Bible to cleanse their hands with pictures God’s goodness.

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