Pushing Forward

After I finished my first draft of Set Free, my spiritual father, Dr. Joshua F. Todd, asked me if I needed a Foreword for my book. When I was looking back at what I’d done, he was already looking forward to what I would do.

That night, he sent me a Foreword that would be a deep well I would go back to again and again in times of trouble. He already knew the battles that I would face before reaching the finish line.

The book was a process of transitioning from victim to victor. So many days I would feel the agony of fear and anxiety bearing down on me as I wondered if I was brave enough to do what the Lord was asking me to do.

Each time, I came back to this Foreword to tell me who God created me to be and what He wanted me to accomplish. I couldn’t have done it without a spiritual father leading me forward through the painful process of becoming. When the enemy surrounded me with wind and waves, my leaders grounded me in the truth.

I look forward to releasing my book on 10.31.2020!


I read through Nicole’s story seven times before it was published. As I sit here and write this, I marvel at the people, places, and things presented in this book. She has a gift for capturing feelings and experiences where words often flutter away for lesser people. She brings to life tragedy and triumph in the first of many personal stories.

God knit Nicole together to be a champion, but in more ways than she first believed. God put together a person balanced in heart and mind to touch the world around her. She brings you beyond the workings of her mind into her very heart.

From the first time I met her, Nicole has constantly came up against and overcome adversity. I believe she has “conqueror” written into her very DNA. When God asked me to prioritize sharing the message of Jesus Christ with her, it came without force, because He orchestrated it. All of it. Nicole had, and still has, ears to hear.

I can tell you firsthand, you are getting a gracious telling of this story, with many of the most gut-wrenching details diluted. Nicole is being nice, as is normal for her. She is being merciful, forgiving, and amazingly transparent. Things that most people run from, Nicole runs towards. She is a fighter. She is a champion.

She is inviting us into experiencing her “new beginning” as expressed in this beautiful, powerful, and gripping story. I cannot count the times since that day in the gym that Nicole could have justifiably left her pathway. She has had some real testing come her way.

But God has been good to Nicole. He is ever close, closer than a brother. Jesus, the King of Nicole’s life has ruled and reigned with her. She has allowed the guidance of Holy Spirit to carry her into the uncharted waters of faith. She read her Bible cover to cover at least once in her first year because of a deep hunger for truth.

This story clearly shows the wind and the waves howling, yet her Master, Jesus, promised an arrival on the other side. Will she make it?

While the decision is hers to make, just like it is yours, I have full confidence that He who began this unfolding work will be faithful to her as He has been to me. Even when we are faithless, He is faithful. When we are broken, He is able. When we are bitter, He is better.

I encourage you to sit down, shut out the distractions, and watch this woman be set free. Watch her become the champion she is destined to be. It has truly been a sight to behold and one of the greatest honors of my life to a part of.

Dr. Joshua F. Todd AKA, “Pastor”

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