Signed Books in the Kingdom: A Testimony that God is True

On October 31, 2020 I was a witness to a prophetic action by Ministry Matrix at Treaty Oak, which is the oldest living thing in Jacksonville (read Purified Power to learn more about prophetic actions).   I’m honored to have the assignment of interviewing the Prophetic Eagle Company involved in the action, and writing up the full details in a Chronicle of Freedom House History.

During a David’s Army later that night, Dr. Joshua Todd asked those who were witnesses to the prophetic action to sign a treaty to “seal” what God had done.  

In Strong’s Concordance, the word “seal” means “to stamp (with a signet or private mark) for security or preservation; by implication, to attest.”  Seals were also used:

 -in order to prove, confirm, or attest a thing
-to confirm authenticate, place beyond doubt
-to prove one’s testimony to a person that he is what he professes to be

He had been in the front of the room holding the treaty up, and then he asked me to take it to the back table so people could sign.  

I immediately got up, happy to be asked to serve.  For months I had seen my brothers and sisters serving by getting preachers coffee or tea, greeting people at the door, taking up offerings, etc.  My love for Jesus had grown so much that even carrying a document across the room felt like an honor.

Dr. Joshua held the treaty out to me, and when my fingers touched it, I felt the weight of the card stock.  Suddenly I was drawn into the weight of what God had done in our region, and what an honor it was to witness.  

My spiritual father had been preparing me for a year to be in a position to witness the prophetic action, and authorized to place my signature on the treaty sealing our testimony of what God had done.

My signature would attest to my eye witness account for decades that God is true.

“Whoever receives his testimony sets his seal to this, that God is true.”
John 3:33 ESV

I was suddenly aware that God values signatures differently than the world does. In Biblical times, they used signet rings to represent signatures or seals.  

On June 19, 2020 I received this prophetic word from my spiritual father, Dr. Joshua Todd: 

The God of our peace brought near those who were far.  Gave them a signet, and called them a citizen, and said, “You belong to my house.”  

I see your ring.  It’s like a credential.  Every time someone comes to say, “You don’t belong there!” You say, “Look at my ring.”  

The family crest.  

I’ve been in prayer about what God wants me to do with the 100 author copies of Set Free that I was offering to the Lord as first fruits, and I felt like He was leading me to give them to Dr. Joshua to give to those who he believed would be set free like I was. 

I am a first fruit of a coming harvest of spiritual sons and daughters who are walking through the process of being prepared, positioned, and authorized by Dr. Joshua Todd to become the people God created them to be and do what God is calling them to do.

Right now I am still in the process of being prepared for my inheritance. I’ve been authorized to use my story of sonship to invite other sons and daughters into the process.

Every son and daughter has an inheritance in the Kingdom of God, which includes purpose and the provision necessary to accomplish it. Sonship prepares sons and daughters for their inheritance and to become spiritual fathers and mothers to prepare, position, and authorize the next generation.

Set Free is a picture of prophetic evangelism. In a recent sermon, Dr. Joshua Todd described prophetic evangelism this way:

“Prophetic evangelism is where you enter into someone’s story that points them to God. It tells them who God wants them to be. It tells them who they’re going to be. And then they say yes to that. Say no to who you’ve been and say yes to who you’re supposed to be.

It helps the lost come into contact with God working in their past and present so they can become the person of the future. The doorway to destiny is through the cross.”

Dr. Joshua Todd

Listen the full message here.

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