My First Miracle – A Story of Supernatural Healing

I sat in a row of chairs watching the fire of God fall.  I’d just walked through the fire tunnel myself as prophets and prophetic leaders lay hands on me, releasing a deep work of healing and deliverance.  Now I was watching others get set free.  

Tears filled my eyes as I saw people doubled over with the weight of God’s glory, shofars sounding triumph into the air, and shouts of freedom breaking through long-held bondages of the enemy.  

National leaders had been prophesying the greatest revival in history, and in our little Friday night meeting of no more than 30 people, I felt like I was getting a taste of what was to come.  

As the the last people trickled through the fire tunnel, I saw my spiritual father, Dr. Joshua Todd, waving me over.  I jumped up and ran over to him.  

When I walked up he said, “We are going to pray for healing.”  

I’d been walking with my spiritual father for a year and a half since I’d gotten baptized.  He’s been disciplining me to become the person God created me to be so I could do the things God created me to do.  Up until this point, I thought that just meant writing. 

Now I was being invited into a shared experience with my spiritual father.  I was nervous, giddy, excited, and eager to learn.  

I knew that Dr. Joshua had a gift for supernatural healing, but now I would get to witness it first hand.

He asked the woman what her pain level was.  Her brow was furrowed as she reasoned it was a 7.  I could see the strain and tension that the pain put on her body.  

He began to receive revelation from Holy Spirit about the root causes of the pain. I was watching him receive and respond to the promptings of Holy Spirit.  

He could have done the entire thing on his own, but he invited me into the process to teach me.  Rather than glorify himself and his gift, he showed his humility and fathering heart by involving me in what God was doing to heal this woman.  

I felt like my mind was going a million miles an hour as I stepped into the unknown.  What was about to happen?  

He asked me to touch her back in the location of the pain as he prayed.  The pain point was warm to the touch.  

We asked about her pain, and she said she still had it.  I was still overwhelmed with the new experience and wondered if I’d done something wrong.  My spiritual father seemed to sense my unbelief and looked me in the eye and said, “I have zero doubt this woman will receive 100 percent healing tonight.”  

In that moment, I had a choice to doubt or to join into agreement for her healing.  The resolute sound of authority in his voice convinced me that we could trust God to do what He said He would do for this woman.  

I was able to step under the covering of his overshadowing glory as his spiritual daughter and share in his faith that the healing was assured.

He received a word of wisdom that if she sat down and stood up from a chair three times she would be healed. God’s wisdom can seem foolish to the world.  

First we knelt down to measure her legs, and we discovered one was shorter than the other.  

We each took a hand and helped her stand up the first time.  When she was upright, she still spoke of pain.  She sat back down, then stood a second time with a surprising amount of energy.  She sat down again, and the third time she shot up like a spring.  

With each repetition I saw faith arise.  

When she sat down for the final time, we remeasured her legs.  Before, one had been shorter than the other.  Now . . . they were the same length.  

My eyes must have been as big as saucers.  It seemed so normal, yet what we’d just witnessed had been a miracle.  

We went through a process of unlocking her muscle tension, and she described feeling menthol flowing through the muscles of her back.  I thought of all the Icy Hot I’d used for jiu jitsu, and was in awe to see how God could provide a cooling effect supernaturally through this woman.

I stood beside my spiritual father, watching a woman who’d had back pain since she was a girl bend down and touch her toes with ease.  Without the pain, she had a renewed vigor and energy, and her face looked five years younger.  

People cheered and praised God and I was overwhelmed with the joy of the Lord and completely honored to be a witness to the miraculous healing.

A year and a half ago, I’d been invited into the Kingdom of God. I was an abused single mom with no hope for the future, but I entered into the Seasons of Sonship with the promise that I’d be healed and restored from the trauma of my past.  

Now, after so much of my own personal healing, I was invited by my spiritual father to witness and release miracles of God.  

The reality of God that night was thick like dew.  The joy of the Lord seemed to permeate every cell of my body.  

I knew that life would never be the same.  


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