Rolling Harvest

Dream from February 18, 2021:

I had a dream of a piece of farm machinery that was harvesting a field. It was a kind of circular machine that as it collected the grain, it planted new seeds. It almost looked like it was rolling the field up in the front and planting seeds behind. I heard the phrase “Rolling Harvest.”

It looked like if you were to take a blanket and start rolling from one side, it gets bigger the more you roll. The more wheat was collected in this harvest the bigger the influence was. The wheat is all connected into the matrix so the reach of the original is greater. 

But before I saw this specific image, I felt like HS was illuminating the power of testimonies. I felt like books of testimonies will be one of the most powerful strategies of the harvest. 

And the more testimonies there are, the more there will be. I saw testimonies being a huge tool for Kingdom expansion. 

In my book Set Free, I share how one man (Dr. Joshua Todd) shared his story with one woman (me) and now the story is in book format and at the time of this blog, has been read by 750 people.  I’ve heard powerful testimonies of how people were impacted by reading the book.

So if Dr. Josh’s story with me was the initial roll of harvest, already upon the second turn of the machinery, we are growing from 1 to 750.  If even just a fraction of those people wrote their own books of getting saved, how much greater would that third turn of the wheel be?  

To go further, how different are those 750 people?  What is their scope of influence?  Who would their testimony influence?  Could they reach a new niche of people outside who I was able to impact?    

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” 
Revelation 12:11

I can’t think of anything more devastating to the kingdom of darkness than flooding the world with testimonies of Jesus.  


In researching how wheat is harvested, I found that the process in this dream was much different than how it is normally done.  All I know about farming is what I watched in a YouTube video, but there was a large and heavy piece of machinery called a combine that would cut and process the grain almost instantly, and their was a pipe that funneled the grain into a large grain cart for transport.  

In my dream however, the wheat was rolled up like a blanket.  It wasn’t cut and processed by the harvesting combine, but it was safe and secured. Perhaps in the past, a church would cut and process a new believer in this way, expecting mature grain in an instant.  

But God’s ways are not our ways.

When I became saved, I was led to connect with my spiritual father, Dr. Joshua Todd, at FreedomHouse Jacksonville.  I entered into a process of discipleship called sonship which has walked me through the process of restoring my soul.  While I become spiritually alive when I got saved, I had to be set free from all of my old ways of living to become the woman God created me to be.  

Dr. Joshua Todd prophesied to me that I would walk through an accelerated restoration period of three years.  It has been a year and a half of sonship for me, and already I feel like a new creation.  

Even this week, I’ve been shocked at the level of freedom I’ve walked into, never believing I could feel this restored.  But God’s promises are better than we can ask or imagine.  I’m only halfway through that 3 years of restoration and there’s more to come!  

If you want to read my story, the ebook is available for FREE on Amazon!

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