Precious in His Sight: Wrestling with Body Image

“I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  I didn’t recognize myself.  I’d been so focused on getting ready for the case, I hadn’t realized how much I’d let myself go.  I pulled out the scale, and heard it groan as I stepped on.  When I saw the number I wanted to throw the scale away.”

Set Free: How a Jiu Jitsu World Champion Found Jesus

I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, and felt myself revolt at what I saw.  I looked at the places where there was more of me to love, wishing I could lose some extra weight.

Holy Spirit had already put this excerpt on my heart last night, so today when I was confronted with my lack of freedom in the area of body perception I felt dread at the idea of writing about this.  

“Holy Spirit, you’re going to have to help me become the woman who can write this, otherwise it’s going to be inauthentic.”  

So upfront, I’m going to tell you all that I’m not writing from the finish line.  I have some freedom in this area, but I’m still fighting the battle of agreeing totally with what God says about how I should view my body.  

It was actually a few weeks ago at Freedom Ministry Level I that I got this prophetic word: 

I break any lie of hell concerning your physical body.  Like there’s limitation, or it’s not good enough.  Health issues.  Whatever hell keeps trying to release into you mind, it’s changing the way  – he’s been improperly affecting the way you think of your body, I think, in multiple ways.  I just break all of that now, and I declare there is a rewiring and an alignment to what the Lord says, and how the Lord views your body.  

You are a temple of Holy Spirit.  You are valued. Being a temple of Holy Spirit, you are valued.  You are a temple of Holy Spirit, therefore you are valued.  You are valued, therefore you are a temple of Holy Spirit.  

Whenever I get a prophetic word, I use it to fight the lies of hell that are keeping me in bondage.  The spiritual power to overcome was released through the word, and today I felt like it was the day to war with the prophetic word.  

So perhaps today’s post can give you an insight into what I do to get free 🙂


I was feeling unsettled so I put on some worship music and went for a walk.  It’s one way I spend time with the Lord and hear from him when satan is getting too noisy in my head at home.  

God wants to help us, but we have to draw near to Him so He will draw near to us.  

So on my walk I said, “Lord, what are the lies of the enemy I’ve been believing about my body?  What is the false perception I have?  And what do you say about my body?”

Holy Spirit took me to memories in childhood and adolescence where the enemy introduced lies that I had still believed to this day: 

-I’m fat.
-I’m unlovable because of how I look.
-My value comes from my physical appearance.  
-My body is broken.  
-I’ll never be healed.  

When you start seeking truth, you’ll be confronted with the lies the enemy uses to keep you in bondage.  

I surrendered all those old memories to the cross.  I wanted to be free from the hold they had on me.  

I had remembered the word about how I was a temple of Holy Spirit and I was valued, so I chewed on that.  

Holy Spirit started speaking to me about how God instructed Moses to build a tent to house the ark of the covenant where His presence would reside.  And then later, once David became King, he wanted to build a new temple for the Lord, but God instructed that Solomon, David’s son, would be the one to build the temple.  

The Solomon Temple was insanely nice.   The structure itself was massive. Beams, walls, doors were covered in gold.  Nails were made of gold. Carvings were covered in gold.  You can find the description of the temple in 2 Chronicles 3.  My Bible has a picture of the temple and it is beautiful!!!  

In the Old Testament, Jews would travel to Jerusalem to worship at the temple. 

It was in the New Testament, after the resurrection of Jesus, that God chose for His children to be temples of Holy Spirit.  God no longer wanted to reside in a building, but He sent His Spirit to reside in US.  After Pentecost, we received Holy Spirit as a gift and helper.  

God could have chosen to have another temple built, but instead He chose to reside in us!!!  He could have had white stone and gold and beautiful carvings, but instead chose to dwell in us!  

And I thought of what it would be like to lose Holy Spirit.  What if it went back to old times and I had to travel to a temple to worship instead of having a constant companion and comforter and teacher living inside of me!  

The Spirit of God lives in us!  Our bodies are a temple where He dwells in us!  The enemy can use our soul to get us distracted by our natural appearance, but if we look at the spiritual reality, we are valued vessels to hold Holy Spirit!  What an honor!  

And when I got home, I was mostly convinced, but I was still wrestling with the parts of me that longed to look different.  So I sat on my bean bag like I always do when I need deliverance, and tried to hear more from the Lord.  

“Lord, what do you say about me?”

And over and over again I heard, “You’re precious.  You’re precious.  You’re precious in My sight.”  

Daughter of God!  You are precious in His sight.  Son of God!  You are precious in His sight.  

God doesn’t make mistakes.  God created us.  He is a craftsman and he designed and crafted every detail of us.  Of course when He looks at us He sees the work of His hands.  Each and every person is beautiful in His sight.  Each and every person is precious in His sight.  We are precious!  

It’s time for us to trade in what the enemy would have us believe about our bodies, and agree with what God says!  He created us for purpose, to be a dwelling place for His Spirit! 

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  1. Your blog helped a lot . I’m struggling with my self image and seeing me in Gods image and knowing we are Gods masterpieces and our body holy temple helps a lot . Thank you for sharing


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