This is a Move

I’m not sure exactly when, but maybe a year or so ago, I attended a David’s Army event. 

The leader put on the song, “This is a Move.”  The lights in the building were turned down, and we worshipped to the song over and over again throughout the night.  We must have listened to it half a dozen times at least.  

I was a complete train wreck at the time.  I was sitting on the floor in the back corner of the room crying.  Holy Spirit was moving through me to heal my heart. I was so desperate and broken that the words, “we need a move” came from a place deep inside my despair.  I needed God to move in me more than I’d ever needed anything in my life.

That had been one of my go-to songs when things got really dark and I needed grace to get up in the morning and to slog through the day.  The weight and burden of life seemed almost impossible to carry.

Today was moving day for FreedomHouse Jacksonville.  Our worship leader had been led by Holy Spirit to FreedomHouse after that David’s Army event, yet the first song she played today and kept coming back to was “This is a Move.”  

To me it was a sign.  

I couldn’t help but praise God for how far He had brought us individually and corporately in such a short time.  It had been a challenging year full of spiritual battles and deep soul searching.  But God was faithful to carry us through the valley.  He was preparing US for the promise land He was preparing FOR us.  

One of the prophetic words released today was about how we couldn’t feel how light we had become in the spirit because of the weight of the walk.  The prophet said we would jump and feel how light we were.  

I found myself overcome with joy, jumping up and down and shouting in jubilee.  

I had gone from sitting on the floor in a dark room, to jumping for joy as light streamed in through the windows. 

Only God can do that.  

Today was a profound marker for me that I hadn’t just survived the challenge of this last season, but I had overcome.  I’d felt like a failure each day, and yet those failures were actually overcoming victories.  As I died daily, I shed a burden that the Lord didn’t want me to carry.  

His burden is light.  His burden is such that we can jump for joy in our lightness rather than bow under the strain of striving.  

It’s so precious to finally reap the reward of faithful plowing and sowing.  We had already been contending for a move way back then, when we were walking through the valley of darkness, and it prepared us to become the people that could inherit the promise land.  

God is so good.  He’s so faithful.  He’s so true.  

Here is the song that we listened to.  Even now, I can’t help but be overcome by the depths it strikes in my spirit.  I hope it speaks to you as much as it speaks to me.

New address for Freedom House Jacksonville:

7750-1 Phillips Highway

Jacksonville, FL 32256

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