Happy Birthday, Pup!

7 years ago, my dog Merc was born with a bend in his tail. 8 weeks later, I went to pick out a girl pup from the litter, but he was the one who came and sat in my lap. While the others roamed around, he was already stealing my heart. The bend made him special in my eyes.

He was with me through the worst of the abuse. He was my battle buddy. He used to put his head in my lap as I cried. He put his head on my belly when I was pregnant. When my daughter was born, he had her to look over.

Then, when I moved to a new house he ran away during a thunderstorm. I looked and looked for him but he was gone. I moved to a town two hours away.

Somehow, two years later, I found the man who found my dog. And miraculously, he agreed to give me my dog back. This was months before I got saved.

Jesus was already raising my hope that miracles were possible and restoring to me the lost things.

The man wasn’t convinced that it was really Merc until I asked if he had a bend in his tail. The man had owned him for two years and never known. When he checked, he was shocked and asked how it happened.

“He was born like that.”

The thing that drew me to Merc, helped draw him back to me.

Sometimes I think that we were born with bends in our tails to bring us back to God. Those empty places are those that He wishes to fill with love. He restores all things. He loves us no matter what bends we have.

Happy Birthday Merc!

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