SOS Invitation – The Sound of Connection

“The Season of Invitation is filled with sounds of connection.  Connection always begins first in the heart of God and is then sent out spiritually through Holy Spirit into the hearts of men and women who are granted insight to their roles within a God-defined relationship.  When people accept the relationship, some of the deepest and greatest connection points occur.  Upon the points of connection, transfer is easily made.  Connections often go beyond the natural world because the spiritual realm is more real than the natural world.  The love of a natural father and mother is wonderful, but spiritual relationships operate in what God has made available spiritually.

The sound of connection is like two wires connecting.  A rush of communication moves from one to the other.  If things were unclear, connection brings clarity that is birthed out of the will of God.  Miscommunications can still occur, but the height, depth, and life of connection is unlike anything experienced before.  A son will find connection to the triune God and to His people.”  (Seasons of Sonship: Invitation, page 15)

I’ve always had a deep desire to connect to people, but I always felt like the odd man out.  The black sheep of the family.  I struggled to have conversations with people.  I had a few relationships here and there, but none were ever as deep or meaningful as I would have liked.  Many connections I had with others were negative.  

I always wanted to find connection with someone who “got me.”  I never felt like I fit in, and so I was always trying to change who I was to connect to people, often leaving the most important parts of who I was hidden in the dust of a closet.  Conversations were like pulling teeth.  I felt awkward and anxious.  They were so exhausting, I just started to avoid them. It felt like more often than not, they brought more harm than good.

When I got born again and connected with my spiritual father and the Kingdom Center to which we were assigned, suddenly I was hearing the buzzing sounds of electricity transfer from person to person, wire to wire.  Holy Spirit was sending out invitations for people to connect with me, and He started to define how they would connect with me.  Every relationship that Holy Spirit established produced life.  

One of my first interactions with my spiritual father took place at a jiu jitsu gym.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Holy Spirit was orchestrating the conversation.  Rather than feeling awkward and uneasy, I felt at ease talking to him, even though he was a stranger.  I felt words being pulled out of me as if assisted by someone unseen, and his responses seemed supernaturally orchestrated.  

I write about the interaction in my first book Set Free.  But he shared his testimony with me, and I had never experienced storytelling like that.  Empowered by Holy Spirit, I was pulled into his testimony as if I was there.  I felt the presence of God as he recounted his encounter and I felt the truth of his words penetrate down into the deepest parts of my spirit.  

“And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.”  Malachi 4:6

What I didn’t know then was that I was having a shared spiritual experience where Holy Spirit was connecting our hearts as if by wire so that a deep supernatural connection could occur, enabling God to make things available to each of us spiritually.  

As we began our spiritual walk together I could see how my connections inside the Kingdom of God were much different than those outside.  Where Holy Spirit was present, connection was easy and life producing.  When Holy Spirit wasn’t, it was challenging and produced criticism and spiritual death.  I was so hungry and desperate for life and freedom that I started trading the relationships I’d established on my own for the ones that God wanted me to have and that Holy Spirit was empowering.  

I love the metaphor in Ephesians 4:6 that says every joint supplies.  It’s not just spiritual fathers and their children that receive supernatural connection.  Holy Spirit connects to others plugged into the Body of Christ.  It’s amazing to see how God speaks through different people. 

All that life-producing truth and revelation becomes available in the Season of Invitation.

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