Testimony: God wants to Honor Fathers

Today, FreedomHouse’s spiritual father and apostle, Dr. Don Lynch, is having his 66th birthday on Father’s Day, and the anniversary of the Brownsville Revival.  He is a forefather to me in the Kingdom as he raised my spiritual father, Dr. Joshua Todd.  

To honor Dr. Don, Dr. Josh posted a Facebook video explaining the prophetic significance of the convergence of these three events, and also explained the power of honoring.  He set up a GoFundMe as a way to financially honor Dr. Don on his birthday and encouraged people to like and share the video and to do their own videos to honor Dr. Don.  

I asked Holy Spirit if this was something He wanted me to contribute to, and if so, how much.  I prayed about it, and I felt like Holy Spirit said $25.  Besides my tithe, all the money I had left in my budget was $25 for food and gas for the rest of the month.  I had exactly enough.  

If Holy Spirit was saying to give it, then I reasoned it would work itself out, I could stretch what I had to last, or worse case scenario, I could dip into my emergency savings account.  

I went onto the website, and when I went to type in the amount, I accidentally typed the 5 first.  When I went to backspace, Holy Spirit said, “That wasn’t an error.  I want you to give $50.”  

The previous Sunday, Dr. Don had been talking about a financial need to raise money for the Kingdom Center in Tanzania.  He gave a testimony about a widow who had brought her last rice bowl up for an offering.  God told the pastor, “Don’t you take away her opportunity for Me to bless her.”  

Dr. Don had said that we need to give to advance the purposes of God.  Sometimes sacrificially.  “Give, even if it hurts.”  

He had been talking about Tanzania, but as I was praying about how to honor Dr. Don, I heard that sentence brought to remembrance.  “Give, even if it hurts.”  

I gave, and I felt like it unlocked such a heart of honor for Dr. Don.  A new level of honor.  In Dr. Joshua Todd’s book Seasons of Sonship, he talks about how spiritual fathers hold within them a treasury, and honor from spiritual sons and daughters is the key that unlocks and releases what God has made available.  I can’t get what God wants me to have without honoring the leaders God has sent me.

To honor Dr. Josh’s request for people to do a video, I did a FB live after some warring against fear.  I gave a testimony about what Dr. Don’s ministry and faithfulness has done in my life personally.  As I’ve walked this week out, Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about how important it is to honor our spiritual fathers.  

I know the struggle of not knowing if I’m going to have enough money to pay my bills each month.  God proves Himself faithful every month.  I have always had enough for what I needed.  But it is a burden I would prefer not to have.  

And I just began to think, there is a reason that people laid money at the feet of the apostles.  

Acts 4:32-35 says,
Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common. And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all. Nor was there anyone among them who lacked; for all who were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold, and laid them at the apostles’ feet; and they distributed to each as anyone had need.”

If God put the blueprints and battle plans for regions and nations into the hands of Dr. Don so that he can establish kingdom centers on 5 continents, why aren’t we more willing to sow into that?  Why are we holding onto our money when God is trying to release His purpose and will into the earth through a faithful and obedient leader.  If there is anyone we can trust our money to, its a Kingdom father and forefather with blueprints and battle plans who has been authenticated for decades.  

Why should he have to worry each month about bills being paid when there are so many spiritual burdens placed on him already?  I know a small fraction of what my spiritual fathers do for me, and it’s beyond comprehension.  How much more do these fathers do beyond our knowledge, being faithful to God to look after His sheep?  Why should money ever be an issue for them?  

This revelation confronted a stronghold within my own mind.  I had a fear that I wouldn’t have enough – that if I gave then I would have lack.  

So I have to the GoFundMe and did my video testimony out of obedience to my spiritual father and to Holy Spirit and to the heart of Father who wanted to bless Dr. Don.  But I felt like that obedience unlocked something inside me.  It gave me a revelation of how precious authentic spiritual fathers are to God, and how important they are to His plans and purposes.  

I always tithe, and frequently Holy Spirit asks me to give beyond 10%.  There have been occasions where Holy Spirit has asked me to drain my savings account to give to the ministry.  But this week, I feel like Holy Spirit was saying, I want you to go beyond that.  I want you to specifically bless spiritual fathers beyond normal tithing.  I want to pour out a blessing on fathers for their faithfulness.  

The next day someone shared a testimony with me about how they were praying for their child and Holy Spirit gave them the strategy to sow into a ministry.  Immediately when she shared that story, Holy Spirit said that He wanted me to start sowing into my spiritual father on a monthly basis.  I felt a spiritual shift in the conversation and it felt like Holy Spirit was unlocking a spiritual strategy to shift my finances toward breakthrough.  

Holy Spirit communicated to me that releasing financial blessing to my spiritual father was one of the the keys to my financial breakthrough.  

A monthly contribution would force me to reprioritize my finances.  I’d already been barely getting by, and even a small amount was a challenge.  But I felt the promise that if I was faithful with a little, then there would be more to come both for me and my spiritual father. I felt like God was looking for people He could trust to distribute money how He intended it to be distributed.  

The first time I read the Bible, I started with the New Testament, and then read the Old Testament.  Malachi is the last book of the OT.  I had read through almost the entire Bible and there was one verse out of the whole thing where when I read it the first time, I felt like Holy Spirit was yelling.  To this day, this verse stands out to me as one of the most important in the Bible.

Malachi 3:8-10 says,

“Will a man rob God?  
Yet you have robbed Me!  
But you say, 
“In what way have we robbed You?”  
In tithes and offerings.  
You are cursed with a curse, 
For you have robbed Me, 
Even this whole nation.  
Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, 
that there may be food in My house, 
And try Me now in this,”  says the Lord of hosts, 
“If I will not open for you the windows of heaven
And pour out such blessing
That there will no be room enough to receive it.”

When Dr. Joshua teaches it, he says that the language in Hebrew gives a picture of an upside down chimney being poured out from heaven.

I’ve been faithful with my tithing, and I have seen God faithfully make sure my needs were met.  Sometimes in miraculous ways.

But since I gave to Dr. Don this week, I have seen upside down chimney blessings.  

The day after I gave, someone was promoted by Holy Spirit to fill my tank full of gas.  Someone else gave me bags of food.  I had been saving to buy a little canister for my coffee, and I received one of those.  I received a beautiful Lady Anne crystal rose bowl, and when I looked up what  the name “Anne” meant, it said “favor and grace.”  I received a box of my favorite kind of tea.  I received a delicious meal and dessert.  I was gifted a prophetic mug.  

I blessed my spiritual father, and Holy Spirit has been moving people to pour out blessings on me.  Tithing opened up a door for my needs to be provided for.  Financially honoring a spiritual father opened the door to gifts beyond what I needed.  Gifts I could never afford with my budget.

A few months back, I was in a financial crisis.  I had no money in savings because Holy Spirit had asked me to give it and my roof was leaking and my car’s transmission was failing, and I had all this major expenses and no way to pay for them.  I asked some people to pray for me, and some of the prophetic words they released were, 

“I immediately saw a bag and boom – a breaking open and release.  I declare that release.  Financial provision – boom.  The Lord of Breakthrough. . . . Lord, release Your strategy. . . . “The curse of poverty is broken off Nicole’s life. . . she would see the favor that comes from the blessing of her spiritual alignment as well as her spiritual DNA.”  

I am convinced that when I was obedient to Holy Spirit to bless my spiritual fathers, God released a strategy to unlock favor in my life.  There have been too many blessings this week to affirm it.  

Today is such an opportunity to sow into something that is important to God.  The convergence of Dr. Don’s birthday, Father’s Day, and the Anniversary of the Brownsville Revival is too prophetic to ignore.  If Holy Spirit is leading you, here is the link to the GoFundMe.  

God is serious and in a hurry about honoring spiritual fathers. Obedience and honor unlock blessings.

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