I woke up this morning feeling burdened.  I was praying, taking thoughts captive, and telling the enemy to go in Jesus’ name, but I couldn’t seem to shake the harassment coming against me.  

The darkness was bearing down on me, and I did what I always do – I started feeding on light.  I started getting caught up on Give Him 15 posts that I’ve missed, and one in particular stood out to me – “The Living Gospel.”  

In it, Dutch Sheets shares the story in the gospel about the Good Samaritan.  

He writes: 

Too often the church’s approach to evangelism is: share the gospel; hopefully, people will receive it and become part of our spiritual family; then, perhaps we’ll help them with material needs such as food, clothing, etc. This is not how God operates. He demonstrates His love for people while they’re still sinners (Romans 5:8). In the story of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), Jesus told us to love (agape) our “neighbor” as ourselves. A religious leader listening to Him asked, “Who is my neighbor?” 

Jesus gave the religious leader a conundrum. In that day, a person’s nationality and religion could be determined by what they wore and how they spoke. However, Jesus’ story eliminated those markers – the man in the ditch who needed help was “naked” and “half-dead,” unable to speak. Those passing by could not determine if he was part of their nationality or religion and therefore, “worthy” of care and compassion.

Consequently, two Jewish leaders passed him by, not knowing if he was a “neighbor.” A Samaritan stopped and helped him, not knowing who he was, where he was from, or what he believed. Then he paid for his care. Jesus asked, “Which person was a neighbor to the man who had been robbed?”

“The one who showed mercy toward him,” was the religious leader’s reply.

“Go and do the same,” Jesus told him.


I finished listening to the video while I was getting ready to go to a doctor’s appointment.  I thought back to when I was evangelized.  A was a sinner, feeling like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I tried to find help from people whose job it was to help me, yet found no one to come to my aid.  

It was at the moment when I’d exhausted my own efforts and done all I could do in my own human strength, that God sent my spiritual father, Dr. Joshua Todd into my life.  He carried a light that seemed to defy all my past experiences of abuse & trauma.  I didn’t understand why he was kind.  He shared his testimony & the gospel with me and I was baptized a few weeks later in a jiu jitsu gym.  

After my doctor’s appointment, I felt Holy Spirit leading me to go to Healing Rooms to receive prayer for the issues that the doctor brought up.  I discovered that the root issue of all of them was anxiety & stress.  I had set down many burdens and gotten free from many things in my walk of discipleship.  I’ve learned to trust God in many areas, but we were able to identify that the source of stress, and the burdens I was feeling were surrounding my daughter.  I was afraid of negative influences in her life, and realized that I wasn’t trusting God as much as I needed to.  

I received prayer, but also received discipleship about how I should be thinking about some of the challenges I was facing, and received encouraging testimony from someone who had experienced similar challenges, and how when she trusted God and started fighting the battles through spiritual warfare, she soon got breakthrough in her own healing.

I left the building feeling so encouraged.  I kept rehearsing one of the words I recieved. It’s time to “Shake & Bake!” 

I was getting ready to pull onto the road out of the parking lot, and a woman burdened with luggage walked in front of my car.  I was shocked at the amount of things she was able to carry – a rolling suitcase, a stuffed backpack, a purse, and an armful of textbooks.  It looked as if she had been walking awhile under that load in the Florida heat.  

I heard Holy Spirit very strongly say, “Give her a ride.”  

I didn’t know anything about this woman, where she was going, or what would happen if I let her into my car. I’ve fought fear & anxiety my whole life, and had always had a heart to help hitchhikers, but was always afraid of the danger. I had seconds to either wrestle with fear, or trust Holy Spirit.

I cleared off my seat, backed up, and went around to the other side of the parking lot where I intercepted her just in time, in front of our church.  

I jumped out of the car, trying to wave her down.  

“Can I give you a ride?”  

When I got her attention, Holy Spirit took over the situation.  All fear was cast out as I felt God’s love for this woman radiating out of me.  Normally awkward in social situations, the surrender to the anointing transformed me into a loving, friendly, joyful human.  

She received the offer, and we loaded up my trunk with her belongings, and as I was waiting for traffic to subside, we saw that the daily storm clouds of Florida afternoons were brewing, and it would downpour soon.  She’s been walking for miles in the heat, just trying to find a bus stop to get her to her destination.  

The closest bus stop was about a mile away, and her final destination was a few more miles beyond that.  It was such a short distance in a car, but to walk carrying all those burdens in the heat, it would have been torment.  

As we drove, we chatted, and I was so overwhelmed with God’s love for her.  And as she talked, I could hear how beautiful her heart was.  It felt like Jesus was in the car with us.  

She shared a little bit about her work, and what she does in her free time, and it reminded me of jobs I had in the past I used to embarrassed about.  Suddenly my heart shifted, because those experiences now helped me to connect with this lovely woman who God had wanted to take care of today.  

We pulled up to the destination, and Holy Spirit told me to give her one of my books.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve wanted to stop carrying them in my purse because I was afraid of giving them to strangers.  Afraid of being awkward.  Afraid of what they would think or say. But in this moment, with the boldness of the anointing flowing, I was so thankful that I had one to give.  

God had sent me to take away the momentary burdens of this woman, and to impart a gift that would share my testimony, my spiritual father’s testimony, and the gospel with her.  I didn’t preach to her.  I said what Holy Spirit told me to say.  I let her know that He wanted me to help her, and that it was an honor to be able to help her.  She tried to pay me and I refused, saying that the Lord wanted to bless her.  

I dropped her off, and we hugged goodbye. She walked into the building, and I pulled out of the parking lot and back on the road to get back home. As I was driving, I started to weep at the goodness of God.

What an honor it is to be a sent one.  In Healing Rooms past, I went in for emotional healing and a Kingdom leader said that God sends people, but they don’t always come.  There were times in my past when people didn’t always come.  

Today, fear was trying to get me to hesitate, when I needed to Shake & Bake.  And being able to help that woman hit such a deep, deep place in me.  A place that needed healing for the people who didn’t cometu.  I got to be one of the ones that responded to the call.  Who stood in the gap.  Who manifested God’s will into the earth.  

God wanted to help his daughter, and I got to be the one to submit to Him.  I’m not sure who was touched more deeply by the orchestration, her or me.

But I felt my own burdens and fears about my daughter fall to the ground.  If God could send me to help His daughter, I could trust Him to send people to help my daughter.  He is orchestrating things of which I’m unaware.

I went home, and Holy Spirit started sharing some fun signs & wonders with me.  

The woman had been walking along US – 1 (called the King’s Highway).

We turned onto Shad St.  

-I looked up the name meaning of Shad, and it means “happy” and is also short for Shadrach, one of Israelites that refused to bow down to the gold image of King Nebuchadnezzar.  He was one of 3 that were thrown into the fiery furnace, which was turned up 7 times more than it was usually heated.  After they were thrown into the fire, Nebuchanezzar said, “Look!  I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.”  

In my Healing Rooms, “Shake & Bake” stood out to me as one of the words I received.  

-Near the intersection of US -1 & Shad St. there is a Steak & Shake (I was also told I need to eat more beef lol). 

We turned into the parking lot of US Xpress, which is located on Florida Mining Blvd.  

-I recently wrote a poem about a miner, and there are prophetic words that point to Florida being a significant state within the nation for expanding Kingdom purpose.

From the King’s Highway to US Xpress, it’s time to shake & bake.  

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