Happy Birthday Honor

This morning I was praying and Holy Spirit brought to mind something that Heidi Baker often says:

“Love looks like something.” 

Heidi Baker

There is an action or behavior attached to loving someone.  

This morning, Holy Spirit shared that honor is similar.  Honor looks like something.  There is an action or behavior attached.  

My spiritual father writes in his books about how honor unlocks a treasury within a fathering leader and to the extent that we honor who God created them to be and what God put inside them, we will be able to receive what God makes available through them.

I wanted to share a few testimonies about how honoring Dr. Joshua Todd has produced fruit in my life.  He is probably going to hate that I’m doing this, but because he walks in such humility, what he carries is easily missed.

Last year I was going through some financial difficulties, and one morning Holy Spirit released a strategy to me to begin sowing a monthly financial contribution toward Joshua Todd Ministries.  At the time I had so little to give that a monthly seed felt sacrificial.  But I was obedient to the strategy and the byproduct was that I began to see financial miracles start manifesting in my life.  People would come to me, not knowing my situation and offer to fill my gas tank.  I received gift cards for groceries.  Sometimes I received an envelope of cash.  

I always had what I needed, and God gave me much greater than the seed that I sowed, because God honors the honor we give our leaders.

Another testimony happened recently.  Dr. Joshua is a spiritual father at FreedomHouse Jacksonville, but he had an assignment to do revival services at a local ministry in the city.  One of the pillars of sonship that Dr. Joshua speaks about in his books is the pillar of pursuit.  This means showing honor by pursuing our leader so that we are in position to receive what God wants to release through them.  

At that service, Dr. Joshua was honored by the ministry, and I saw him preach like never before.  He called us to a 24 hours fast in obedience to the LORD, and I took part.  The result was an open heaven over us on a Saturday night.  Impartation was available.  Miracles became available.  People were getting slain in the spirit and healed from chronic injuries.  Worship went to a new level.  

Since that service a week ago, my intercession, worship, and general connectivity with God has exploded.  I attribute that to the honor I released to my leader unlocking the treasury within him.

Another example is Dr. Joshua’s most recent book: Seasons of Sonship Interdependence.  If you’ve followed him, you know that he writes about how to posture yourself as a spiritual son or daughter to get the most out of spiritual fathering.  He is a unique bridge to his own fathering leader, and writes from a perspective that brings in his own wisdom as both a spiritual son and father.  

The book was unlike any I’ve ever read.  There is none like it and I truly believe that he is pioneering something very unique.  I’ve read his books as spiritual daughter to learn how to rightly align with him, and I’ve received incalculable value from all of his previous books.  This book was 100 fold better.  There is impartation unlike anything I’ve seen before.  He builds on the foundation of his fathering leader Dr. Don Lynch, and brings his own unique sound to expand the perspective on fathering and sonship.  The words on the page have a volume and level of authority only achieved through radical submission to the sonship process. Each sentence pierced my spirit.

After reading that book, I received a massive outpouring of grace to finish writing a first draft of a manuscript that shares the story of how Dr. Joshua fathered me through a prophetic action that made my personal victory available to our regional ekklessia.  It draws on the wisdom and revelation that he makes available in his book Purified Power and other principles from Seasons of Sonship and shows how I applied those principles as I walked through an exploit of my own, making myself accountable to him as a fathering leader.

Each time I’ve showed honor to him as a spiritual father, I’ve tasted the fruit.  

Tomorrow is his birthday, and so I wanted to honor his life.  Holy Spirit has given me a financial strategy to honor him, but if you’ve received value from Dr. Joshua’s leadership, I would encourage you to show him honor on this special day in the way that Holy Spirit leads.  On his website, there is giving option if you would like to become a partner with Joshua Todd Ministries.  I highly recommend his books as they are a treasure trove of valuable insight to get the most from your sonship pathway. 

He’s not the kind of person to promote himself, so I want to share his message as a spiritual daughter so that more people can eat of the fruit of what this sonship pathway produces.

I hope to use my writing to showcase how God works through fathering leaders to disciple sons and daughters using my personal experiences to demonstrate how to apply sonship principles in real, practical, and fruitful ways.  If you want to read more about my story, my Set Free series and blog build off the foundation that Dr. Joshua and his spiritual father Dr. Don Lynch have already set.  I hope to expand what they have already established with my own unique sound.   

And I just want to say, Dr. Joshua, I honor you as a spiritual father, and I honor your passion and radical obedience to be a submitted and surrendered son.  Your example of sonship has paved the way for sons and daughters to come behind you and along side you.  It’s an honor to be assigned to you as a spiritual daughter.

I hope you are blessed by these testimonies and invite you to take part on this strategic day to honor a fantastic father and Kingdom Leader. The Kingdom principles of sowing and reaping, and unlocking treasuries through honor have produced very real, tangible results from in my own life. The Bible works!

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