Failure & Success: Behold HIM

Last Sunday, Apostle Joanne Bush came to our ministry and released a powerful message.  One thing that she said that really resonated with me was that our success is our ministry to the LORD.  We can’t place anything in the way of what Father has said to us or let clutter get in the way of getting closer to God.

As I’ve been a spiritual daughter at FreedomHouse, I’ve found that when a leader releases a message, God usually gives me the opportunity to walk out what was imparted. 

Yesterday that opportunity arose.

God has had me on a pathway to build a photography business, and yesterday there were a few “tasks” that I knew needed to be accomplished in order to steward what He was building.  

I spent a lot of time trying to work up the motivation to do them, but I just felt a resistance inside me.  I was striving to try to get to a point where I could “do.”  

An important principle of Sonship that my spiritual father Dr. Joshua Todd preaches is that sons don’t strive, and “becoming” is a prerequisite to “doing.”  

I waved my white flag of surrender for the tasks, knowing if God wanted them accomplished, He would have to give me the grace to do so.  I couldn’t muster up the strength of will to do them.

In the empty space of time, I felt like God was asking me to rest and worship.  It can take striving to get into rest.  I felt myself wrestling in my soul to be able to succumb to the rest He wanted me to have, fighting the urge to feel guilty for not being “productive.” 

But I surrendered and ended up having a glorious day of worship to God . . . . sometimes crying . . . sometimes laughing . . . sometimes yelling.  I spent hours pouring my heart out to Him through song, letting Him touch some of the deepest places of darkness in my soul and feeling His deep, passionate love wash me clean.

Ministering to the LORD is one of my favorite things to do.  There is nothing better than soaking in the presence of God.  Apostle Bush said in her message that God made her for Him, and on days where I spend my time adoring Him, I feel the same.  

It’s the spirit of the world that comes to say that time spent ministering to God is not valuable.  It’s a lie of the enemy that says worshipping Him is a waste of time.  

In Luke 10, Martha had been complaining that Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus instead of helping her with “tasks.”  Jesus said to Martha of Mary, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.  But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen the good part, which will not be taken away from her.”  Luke 10:41-42

Yes, God wants us to work and to complete what He has assigned to us, but sitting at His feet is the good part, and the one thing that is needed.  We can’t let tasks distract us from keeping our focus on Him.

Let us turn our eyes up and BEHOLD HIM.

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I went to bed last night knowing that although I had not produced anything in the natural, God had done a deep, inward work in me through my worship and time spent ministering to Him.

And this morning, those things that were so impossible to overcome yesterday were easily done in God’s timing as He poured out grace to complete them in peace and in worship to Him.

When we move in obedience to Him, in His perfect timing, He accomplishes all He wants to accomplish.  Had I continued to strive yesterday, I would have missed out on beautiful, glorious worship and been no better off today than I was the day before.  I could have spent the day in turmoil and possibly not accomplished what He wanted to do through me.  But when I surrendered to His plan, I was able to do more than I could have done in my own strength.  He released revelation and strategy to me that I didn’t have when I was striving.  

It’s often hard to trade our worldly mindsets for Kingdom ones, but when we let go and surrender our human wisdom and understanding, we find that His ways are not our ways, and they are much, much better.  He is perfect, and we are not.  

Not doing my “tasks” may have looked like failure to the world, but it was success in the Kingdom because I was obedient to God.  And in His timing, He poured out grace to produce success in the natural, beyond what I could have produced in my own strength.  He’s that good.

Be grateful for the ones He sends.  Honor and have an open heart to receive.  When you do, you will find that their message produces fruit!  

If you haven’t seen Apostle Bush’s message, I highly recommend it.  It was powerful! Click HERE to watch!

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