into the darkness

if into the darkness
You lead,
then into the darkness
I’ll go

cloud by day
fire by night

You are my light
through the valley
of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil
because You have
overcome the world

my greatest treasure
is found in You

giants will fall
heads will roll
and by Your might
we will possess the land

I war with Your promises
for things not yet seen

though the darkness surrounds
though the darkness presses down
I cling to my shield of faith
my trust is in You

lead me thru
to a land
of milk & honey

lead me thru
with an overflow
of the oil of joy

lead me thru
by the love
that casts out
all fear

Your promises are yes & amen
pressed down
shaken together
running over

I endure
the dying
to find my life
in You

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