I’m saved. Now what?

That was the question I was asking myself last year after my first baptism. Now what? Surely Jesus has more for me than just eternal salvation. What about right now?

Armed with the Bible and a revelation from God that Dr Joshua Todd was my spiritual father, I started my journey of sonship as a spiritual daughter.

Over the last year or so, I’ve sent my spiritual father 585 emails detailing my process of sonship. (OVERKILL right? But that’s what happens when you give a writer permission to write, LOL!)

I thought I was being obedient to the principles of pursing a fathering leader and communicating with healthy transparency. (For more info read Seasons of Sonship: Foundations).

Dr. Joshua saw ahead to the purpose for my life that was veiled in mystery. My obedience to the principles was producing my purpose WITHOUT ME KNOWING!

Now, after a year of submission and obedience, I have a picture of sonship to share with others. I plan to write blog articles from that archive of emails to help show what my journey looked like and how others can carry those lessons into their own sonship experiences with their own spiritual fathers.

I’m no expert, and I’m still in the process myself, so any questions of sonship should be directed to Dr Joshua Todd. But I can share what it was like for me and encourage you.

The ancient meaning of testimony is “Do it again!” When we share our testimonies, we are asking God to “Do it again!”

So I hope that my story can touch your life and give you hope and faith that God will do it in your life too!